The GlobalTreeSearch database provides a mapping between 60,065 tree species known to science and the countries where these trees grow. TreeeX is a visual exploration system that supports multifaceted analyses of the GlobalTreeSearch data. Focusing on the entire earth or a group of countries, investigating research questions on biodiversity are visually supported by interactive choropleth maps that color countries according to frequency, diversity, or uniqueness of prevalent tree species. Focusing on a single country, similarities and differences to other countries can be analyzed in detail. Several examples outline the system’s capability of delivering insights concerning the geographical diversity of tree species.

If you use TreeeX for your research, please cite the following paper:

Stefan Jänicke (2018).
TreeeX: Exploring the Diversity of Tree Species
Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis). The Eurographics Association.

Use Cases

1. Comparison of countries where three hawthorn species indigenous in Germany grow.

2. Color-coded regional change of biodiversity on the world level.

3. Color-coded regional change of biodiversity in Middle America.